Manage user’s active logins in Drupal 7.

   Today with multiple applications being built using Drupal and with user's accessing Drupal from different devices, a security feature that is must needed is for the user to be able to monitor and manage the different sessions through which he is using the application. This module helps to manage a user's active logins. The user can view his active logged in information such as Hostname, Accessed Time, Browser and the platform (operating system).

Below image lists active login sesssions,

active login info

Using session information this module can logout a user form all the devices with the active logins. This page is available as a menu under main-menu and is built using views. A menu called Global Logout is added to the User Menu.


Global Logout module is provided with a configuration page to manage with the "Global Logout" menu name and the Time format to be displayed.

active login info