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Create a custom form field for entity reference with auto complete in Drupal 8.

The Entity reference module provides a auto complete field widget and this has been changed to a Form API element as 'entity_autocomplete'. This can be used in normal custom forms. Form element type can be used as 'entity_autocomplete' for entity reference fields. Following is a sample code structure to create a entity reference fields with in custom form.

How to get current content moderation state in drupal 8.

Currently upon editing a node has workflow current state displayed on the node edit page. This information will not be available on node_load or entity load. Since the current workflow or content moderation state information will be on latest revision of that content. All just you need to do is to load the latest revision of the content.

Enable gzip compression for your website using htaccess file

Gzip compression is a method of compressing files to make them them smaller so that it will be faster for network transfers. It is a standard practice that we must enable compression for production websites. We can enable gzip compression by adding following set of code in your .htaccess file.

Drupal Commerce: Get order quantity from order_id with sample code

In Drupal, commerce order contains multiple products. These products are attached to the line item to the orders. The line item table holds the information about the quantities and other information. The below is the simplest code to get the quantity of the order with different products.

Drupal 7 Commerce: Programatically adding the Billing and Shipping informations to Order

In Drupal, commerce order contains both Billing and shipping information on normal checkout process. If we are creating the commerce order programmatically then we have to add this information in manually. The below is the example of code for adding the Billing and shipping address to the order.